Betting on bicycle sport – choose the right offer

Today it’s popular to keep fit and lead a healthy life, so modern people can hardly imagine their routine without jogging or riding a bike. But actually there is a separate bicycle sport and furthermore it’s becoming more and more sought after. Therefore no wonder that gambling on bicycle sports has won the huge audience. Let’s puzzle it out in detail.

What to gamble on: the main bicycle bets’ types

First of all, remember, betting on bicycle sport is not similar to football, hockey or boxing one.
There are such stakes on:

the winner of the race

It’s the most common and widespread one. Bettors are offered to choose the athlete, who will win in the whole competition. Predicting the outcome of the race is quite difficult, as it consists of several stages, in which anything can happen to the participants. Although, the odds for this event in bookmakers’ offices are offered quite high. But the difficulty is a decisive factor that discourages many professional gamblers.

the winner of the stage

It’s quite similar to the first bet, but you have to predict who will win in one certain stage. It doesn’t matter whether this athlete will prevail in the end of bicycle competition, just the stage victory is considered.

the winner among leaders of the race

Here bettors need to identify the athlete who finishes first among a small number of cyclists. There are no disqualified and injured participants on the list, hence, the task is greatly simplified. As a rule, this offer is available for both victory in the whole competition and in a particular stage of the race.

the prize winner of the race

It’s a highly demanded bet. You have only to forecast which of the participants will finish in the top three or top five at the end of the stage race or the competition.
Here is a tip: consider the sportsmen with the highest rating and those who have already experienced victories.

the comparison winner

For every major event, bookmakers give comparisons of the competitors. Usually, two athletes are compared to each other, so gamblers are supposed to forecast which of them will perform better in both some stage race or the whole competition. Here, the individual rating of the athletes comes to the fore, as well as the level of their training, it is also possible to take into account their previous results at similar competitions.

special offers

It should be admitted immediately that such bets can be found very rarely. Generally they appear in the competition “Tour de France”. Bettors are offered to gamble on the participation or non-participation of the athlete in the next race, to determine the number of monochromic shirts, etc. The stakes’ variety depends on the imagination of the bookmaking agencies.

Is it difficult to win in bicycle betting?

Yes, it is. However bicycle sport betting isn’t as popular as football or boxing one, you can greatly gain on it. Just choose a bet and win!