Bicycle disciplines: more than sport or new betting field

Bicycle sport is one of the most widespread athletic disciplines. It’s enormously interesting to watch, thus pretty suitable to place bets on.

General kinds of the sports

Bicycle sport combines more than one discipline, each of them has its own rules.
Road cycling is a highly sought-after subspecies in which the athlete must cover a long distance on a hard road.
Track bicycle racing is a variety of races compounded in the
competitions held on velodromes or cycle tracks. Compared to road cycling, it’s an indoor one.
Mountain biking befits the name – all competitions are held on mountain bikes on the corresponding ground.
Cyclocross is riding over medium distances on specific equipment, that is why cyclocross is considered one of the most difficult kinds.
For bettors, the most important is to distinguish road and track cycling, because they are widespread ones to gamble on.
Track races take place in indoor arenas (also called velodromes) where the track is looped, with lap distances ranging from 150 to 500 meters.
Road cycling is a street discipline in which athletes can cover enormous distances in a single race. There are different short, medium or long distance bicycle races, individual or team competitions, one-day or multi-day events .
By the way, usually athletes have their strengths in specific aspects: sprints, ascents (according to mountain biking), endurance, speed, etc. Therefore it’s good to place a stake considering the particularities of the competition and the indicators, skills and motivation of the sportsman.

What about the advantages of bicycle betting?

Cycling betting is certainly advantageous, for instance. The general pros include:

  • availability of individual offers; It is easier to analyze only one cyclist than a team. In addition, in biking races, as a rule,
    there are even more than four leaders to achieve victory, thus the selection is big enough.
  • enough events to place a bet; Even though it mainly refers to long distance ones, this is still a big advantage.
  • many broadcasts on TV and the Internet;
    Bettors need to keep a check on the process in order to feel the game. Moreover, bookmakers often give the opportunity to bet in live mode.

However, as everywhere, there are some cons, for example:

  • not enough major events per year;
    For each betting discipline it is good to have many big events to be held, but,unfortunately, the situation is different here.
  • high margins;
    Today bicycle sport is not as popular as football, hockey or boxing, furthermore not many leading events occur each year. It’s the main reason for high margins.
  • etc.

Is bicycle sport a way to earn money?

Striking the balance, biking disciplines are profitable as they take part in a big entertainment industry. The best thing is that you can choose that one you do like, watch broadcasts, feel a huge row of emotions and gain on it. So bet and enjoy.